How to copy personas

Learn how to copy personas

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Copying is available to paid plan users only as there's a limit of 1 CJM, 1 impact map, and 1 persona per user on the free plan. So, if you're the one with a paid plan, you can copy your persona:

  • From the Dashboard page: select a persona and click on the ‘Copy’ action…

copy action for personas

… or hit the ‘Copy’ action in the Actions column.

persona's action column
  • From the Tag page.

tag page with personas

Copying on this page works the same way as on the Dashboard.

  • From the document page.

copy a persona from its page

After you click ‘Copy’, you’ll see a popup prompting you to select a target Workspace and project.

copy persona popup

You can also assign a tag to the persona copy from the list of tags of the target workspace.

That's it, folks!

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