How to add a new tag

Learn how to create a new tag and assign it to your maps and personas

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There are two places to add a new tag:

Dashboard page

To add a new tag, click '+CREATE TAG' on the left panel. 

add a new tag to the dashboard

On the popup, write a new tag name, select a color for it, and specify the level of access.

'Everyone in the workspace' means that it is a Workspace tag, which is visible to everyone in the workspace, while 'Restricted' stands for a personal tag, which is visible only to individual users.

Workspace > Taxonomy > Tags

You can create tags in the Tags section inside your workspace admin. To access it, go to Workspace > Taxonomy > Tags.

creating tags in the taxonomy

⚠️ Note that users on the free plan can have only up to 5 tags.

How to assign tags to documents and remove them

You can assign a tag to a document and remove a tag from it:

  • In the 'Tags' column of your dashboard

tags column of the dash
  • Document's settings.

document settings with tags

Another option to assign a tag to a document is to create this document from the tag page. This way, you will automatically assign the tag to a map or persona.

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