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How to set up your Dashboard with tags
How to set up your Dashboard with tags

Learn how to organize your Dashboard with tags. A video guide is inside

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Our release of September 2023 changed the way the documents are organized inside the workspace.

From now on, projects and folders are replaced with tags, giving you more flexibility on how to manage your documents and organize the Dashboard.

If you had a UXPressia account prior to the release, the next time you visit your Dashboard, you'll see a wizard prompting you to organize it.

set up wizard

We automatically turned all folders and projects you had into tags.

On the right, you can see the number of documents of each type attached to a tag. This will help you to decide whether you need this tag at all.

If you don’t need it, hide the tag.

organizing the dashboard

You can also reorder tags and change their names and colors.

Note: You can use the wizard to set your Dashboard immediately or do it later.

configure dashboard

On the new Dashboard, you can:

  • Manage your Dashboard’s look by hiding and reordering tags;

  • Configure the Dashboards’ look for the entire team on the workspace level.

Check this article about organizing your Dashboard with tags for more details.

What happened to project ownership?

Projects and folders that were available to everyone in the workspace became Workspace tags.

What about private projects?

The Private folder doesn’t exist anymore. All the private projects became personal tags. Only their owners and people with whom these projects were shared have access to these tags.

What about the Trash folder?

All deleted artifacts will have the Trash tag.

If you owned a project inside the workspace, now you own a tag with the same title. You can manage access to the tag in a similar way you did with the projects previously: share it with specific people, create a direct link, etc.

All your folders have also been automatically converted into tags. If your project was in a folder, the documents within this project will have two tags: with project and folder names.

document with two tags

If your project was shared with someone else, this person will have the same level of access to the tag that replaced this project.

Dashboard configuration guide

This video guide describes how users can configure their Dashboard after the release.

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