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What is UXPressia Academy?
What is UXPressia Academy?

Learn everything about UXPressia’s online educational platform

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UXPressia Academy is an online learning platform to develop and improve practical skills required by customer-centric industries. Taking courses that we built in the conversation-based format, you learn by doing.

No boring theory — virtually every piece of theory is supported by the opportunity to use it in practice.

Inside of courses, there are interactive dialogs where your fictional character participates. Courses are self-paced with no pressure of set deadlines.


What can I learn at UXPressia Academy?

UXPressia Academy is for everyone who wants to do customer research, build personas and journey maps, and make customer-centric decisions. It’s for team leaders, business owners, agencies and consultants, students, self-learners, and other people who want either of the following:

  • Dive into the nitty-gritty of customer experience and get lots of practice working with real cases;

  • Build a customer-centric culture;

  • Level up their CX skills;

  • Advance their career with new skills.

What courses are available?

Right now, there are three courses available:

  • Customer Journey Mapping Fundamentals to get started with the journey mapping methodology and process and create your first map in 7 hours, besides getting valuable insights for creating a perfect customer experience. The course is available in English and Spanish.

  • Personas course to learn how to create effective personas based on research and advanced segmentation and use these personas to make business-critical decisions.

  • Customer Interview Techniques to brush up on your interviewing skills with 7 different techniques for talking to users, customers, and stakeholders, and put the theory into practice in an interactive simulator.

The courses complement each other and are built on one another to provide comprehensive coverage of the subject matter. But you can always take them separately if you want.

Any useful resources to put hands on?

There’re loads of useful resources you can download either after you register your free account or start taking/complete one of the courses.

Upcoming courses

We have more new courses in the pipeline, some of which include:

  • Strategies for action planning with CJM

  • CJM Advanced

  • User Research 101

If you are interested in any of the courses above, please drop a line at

P.S. The best way to learn more about UXPressia Academy and our courses is to take a free course demo.

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