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Embed documents with LucidChart
Embed documents with LucidChart

Learn how to embed LucidChart documents into maps and personas

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With embed code section you can integrate documents from LucidChart be it a business process that you want to add to your customer journey or any other chart that you have inside that tool.

To integrate that into your map or persona, open up the document you want to embed in LucidChart and hit the Share button in the upper right corner. In the sharing pop-up, select Advanced:

Go under the embed tab, copy the chunk of HTML code :

Paste it into any box of the Embed code section and click anywhere on the map to move the focus from the box. In a few moments, the preview of your LucidChat document will appear inside the box:

From there, you can go zoom in/out, go fullscreen, and manipulate the LucidChart document in any way you like.

Troubleshooting: if the preview doesn't show up, refresh the page in UXPressia and should show. 

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