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How to use UXPressia templates
How to use UXPressia templates

Learn how UXPressia templates can help you with your project

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Starting a new project or creating a new document from scratch is not easy. That's why we came up with a bunch of pre-filled templates for different domains to save your time and effort and give you some valuable ideas on how your map or persona can look like in terms of content and format.

To see the list of templates, 

  • Go to the left panel of the dashboard.

  • Open the Templates tab.

Templates tab
  • Find the template you're going to use. To start using the template, you need to add it to your workspace first.

finding template
  • Click on the “USE CJM” button.

  • Select a target workspace and project. You can also clear the template's content if you want.

to use a template
  • Hit the “Add template” button.

  • That’s it! The template will appear in the project you chose. Now you can use it as a normal map/persona.

⚠️ Note that free users can have only one customer journey map, one impact map, and one persona. They won’t be able to add a template for another map, persona, or impact map if they already have one. Upgrade to be able to add more maps and personas to your workspace.

UXPressia demo

Want to learn more about the platform's functionality and see how to build journey maps and personas?

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