Imagine that you created a project in your personal workspace and showed it to your boss, who became excited and wanted to share it with someone else before putting it to work.

To make things easier, you can move the project to your company workspace so that everyone interested can access it anytime without asking you to share the project with them. 

To move a project:

  • Open the hamburger menu on the right of the target project’s bar and hit MOVE.

  • Select a target workspace where you want to move the project.

To move projects in bulk, check the boxes near them and hit MOVE in the action bar.

⚠️ Note: you will be able to move projects only to those workspaces where you are a contributor. If the project you’re going to move is in a private folder, the system will put it in a private folder in another workspace too. To make such a project visible to other workspace members, remove it from the private folder.

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