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Learn how to set up Slack integration

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UXPressia now supports the Slack integration, which means that you can make the notifications on the activity in your artifacts go straight to your Slack account. 

How to set it up

Follow this step-by-step instruction to set up your Slack notifications:

1) Open Slack and go to the Apps page.

2) Type “Incoming webhooks” into the search bar and click on “Install”.

3) On the opened page, click on the “Add configuration” button.

4) In the “Post to channel” box you will see a dropdown menu with the list of your Slack channels. Select a channel that you want your UXPressia notifications to go to. After that, click on the “Add Incoming WebHooks integration” button.

5) Go to the UXPressia Dashboard and open the top-right drop-down menu. Select “Workspaces”.

6) Navigate to the “Integrations tab” and click on the “Connect account” button next to the Slack field.

7) Paste the webhook URL in the bottom field of the popup window and hit “Connect”.

Select the types of notifications coming to Slack

To select the types of notifications you would like to get in your Slack account, click on the “Settings” button next to the Slack integration field.

Tick in the types of notifications you would like to receive and click “Save”.

And now you'll get an instant notification on each event you selected!

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