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Presentation Mode

See how you can present your journey maps and personas online right from your browser

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Presenting your customer journey map or persona the right way is just as important as creating this artifact. Your presentation is the key to selling your idea to the client or other stakeholders.

And having a way to present it online without printing or "PowerPointing" is sometimes a life-saver. Especially, when last-minute changes kick in.

We know what it's like. We've all been there.

So we brought you the Presentation Mode which kicks PowerPoint-like experience up a notch and takes it online.

To enter Presentation Mode click the PRESENT button in the upper menu: 

Presentation Mode button

A new window will open up and you will see this:

Presentation Mode in action

Now here's what is happening on the screenshot:

  1. An auto-hide panel that shows all maps and personas within the project that you're presenting. Yay - no need to go back to the dash to open another map or persona!

  2. Selector that lets you switch between maps and personas within the project.

  3. Zoom in / out buttons. You can also use your touchpad or mouse for smoother zooming and scrolling.

  4. Fullscreen toggle.

  5. Fit to screen toggle.

  6. Dark/white theme toggle.

  7. Customer order of maps and personas. Drag and place them wherever they need to be.

To prevent accidental edits, the presentation mode is view-only, but you can still make changes in another tab (or anyone from the team can make edits from another computer and that change will reflect in the presentation mode without the need to refresh the page).

This gives you an awesome opportunity to project a map/presentation on a huge screen in presentation mode during a workshop to have a more flexible way to show it to everyone while other make edits in real time.

Or anything that you can possibly think of!

UXPressia demo

Want to learn more about the platform's functionality and see how to build journey maps and personas?

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