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Print Maps and Personas

Learn some methods about how to get Maps and Personas printed

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Once your Personas and Maps are ready, it's time to print them! Because nothing is more convenient than to get a completed Map or Persona on the office board so that everyone in your team can be on the same page.

There are 2 ways to print a map:

  1. Bring your exported Personas and Maps PDFs to the printing office. Note that export must be done in PDF format only, as it is the most scalable. In this case, you will be able to print your Maps and Personas of any size in excellent quality. (check out how to export Personas, CJMs and Impact Maps)

  2. The second method is a little trickier but less costly, and could be done with your personal printer. Just use something like Adobe Acrobat which allows you to break a large PDF into smaller pieces and print them one piece per sheet. That way you can have a big readable map on multiple sheets that you can put together with some tape. Here's a screenshot of what the printing window looks like:

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