Public access allows you to share projects via shareable links. In this case all people with the link can access your project. 

⚠️ Note: this feature is available to PRO users only.

The best part is that people you share with don't need a UXPressia account to view/edit the project. So it's perfect when you want to show the work you've done to your boss.

To make your project available via a public link:

  1. Open the sharing popup.
  2. Go to the DIRECT ACCESS tab.
  3. Toggle the switch next to Direct link.
  4. Specify the level of access — either view only or view and edit.
  5. Protect the link with a password if you want.
  6. Hit SAVE.
  7. Copy the link and click DONE.
sharing your project via a direct link

NOTE that Public Access only means everyone with the link can view your project. Don't let the name confuse you — your project WILL NOT be available on the Internet and WILL NOT appear among UXPressia templates.

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