Public access allows you to share projects via shareable links. In this case all people with the link can access your project. 

⚠️ Note: this feature is available to PRO users only.

The best part is that people you share with don't need a UXPressia account to view/edit the project. So it's perfect when you want to show the work you've done to your boss.

To make your project available via a public link:

  1. Open the sharing popup.
  2. Go to the DIRECT ACCESS tab.
  3. Toggle the switch next to Direct link.

     3. Specify the level of access — either view only or view and edit.
     4. Copy the link and click DONE.

NOTE that Public Access only means everyone with the link can view your project. Don't let the name confuse you — your project WILL NOT be available on the Internet and WILL NOT appear among UXPressia templates.

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