Canceling subscription is available to workspace Super Admins and Billing managers.

Note. Before canceling a subscription make sure you are located in the right workspace.

Please keep in mind that canceling the subscription within a certain workspace does not automatically cancel your subscriptions for other workspaces!

To cancel:

  1. Open up the Billing tab of a necessary workspace

  2. Click Cancel Subscription.

cancel subscription

That's it!

Note. Once your subscription is canceled, paid features will be available until the billing period ends. After the cancellation, you will have access only to the last project you have worked with.

All your projects will remain safe and sound until the renewal of your subscription.

P.S. If you want to unsubscribe from the Pro plan, consider switching to Starter.

If you are on a Free subscription, there is no need to cancel at all. If you want to delete your account however check out this article.

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