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Learn about invoices and how you can get them yourself

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You can view and download invoices right from the Invoices tab of a Workspace. 

Note. Make sure to open the necessary workspace before browsing the invoices.

In the Invoices tab, you can manage your company's billing information and track the history of the invoices. Check out the invoice example.


To add or update the info inside your invoices:

  1. Go to the necessary workspace and open the Invoices Tab.

  2. You will see a text field "Bill to Information". Add the name of your company or your name, billing address, and everything you want to show in your invoices after "Bill to".

bill to information

So next time you need an invoice, just choose the necessary one and download it. That's it!

In the same tab, you can also specify the email address(es) to receive invoices:

invoice email
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