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Saving changes in UXPressia
Saving changes in UXPressia

Learn how to save your data in UXPressia

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So, you've been working on your map (or a persona) for a while and want to finally have a break. Well, who doesn’t? You start looking for the Save button, but it’s not in there.

No worries! Since all the changes are saved automatically, you don’t need to manually save every piece of work. As soon as you click outside of the text box, you will see a notification "Saved" at the top of the page. That’s it, your data is now safe and sound! You can even close the window if you want to.

Important: if for some reason you start working offline  (e.g. Internet connection is lost - you'll see a big red message when it happens) - make sure you don't reload the page till you are back online, this way offline changes will be saved.

Note: If you want to download your artifacts, UXPressia offers export to PNG, PDF, and CSV. More about export.

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