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How to create my own template?
How to create my own template?

Learn how you can make a template of your own and save time in the future

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Would it be nice if you could make a template that you could reuse over and over? Well, you can. And the best part is you can template not only journey maps but personas and impact maps, too. You can do so in the two following ways:

Create a template from scratch

  • Create a new Workspace tag called 'Templates' and create a new map or persona with this tag:

templates tag page
  • Now open up the map or persona that you want to turn into a template and add all the necessary stages and sections that you typically use.

    Feel free to add colors and styles as well.

add colors and styles

To use this template, just copy it, add a new tag to the copy, and there you have it.

Turn existing documents into a template

If you want to turn an existing map/persona into a template, that's even easier.

  • Just locate the map or persona that you want to make a template from;

  • Click the 'Copy' button;

  • Select where you want to copy this map or persona;

  • Check "Clear all content" and hit COPY.

Turn existing documents into a template

And that's it - the copied document will have the same structure and style as the original, but without any content in it, so you and your team can reuse it and save tons of precious hours.

โ— Please note that this template will not appear on the public template page, it will only be visible to you and your workspace members.

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