Folders are an awesome way to organize your projects. You can use them to filter through dozens of your projects. And the best part is that your folder structure looks exactly the same to all the workspace contributors so it gives you a nice way to get your dashboard in order.

📁 Folder panel

To open a folder page, click on the target folder on the left pane. 

To help you keep projects organized from the very start, we added 4 default folders:

Private projects (cannot be deleted) - to keep some projects hidden from other workspace members. You can still share private projects with individual users via email or a direct link. To give all the workspace users access to a private project, simply remove it from the Private projects folder.

Trash (cannot be deleted) - a holding bay for deleted items: projects, customer journey maps, impact maps, and personas.  When you delete an item, it goes right into the trash folder where it sits until you restore or delete it completely. See how to restore files.

⚠️ If you delete a private project or a map/persona from a private project, other workspace members won't see it in the trash can. 

Archive and Drafts - added as an example. You can rename or delete them.

Adding projects to a folder

To put a project in a folder, click on the gray stipe located near the project's name. Choose a target folder in the dropdown menu:

You can also add a project to a folder from the project's page itself.

Actions with folders

There are basic actions that you can perform with folders.

Creating folders: to create a new folder for your projects, click on the + ADD FOLDER button on the left pane.

Renaming folders: to name a new folder or edit a title of an existing folder, hit a small pencil icon near its name. Once you are done, hit Enter or click somewhere on the dashboard to save the new name.

Deleting folders: to delete a folder, hover over the folder you want to delete and click on the DELETE icon near the folder.

⚠️ No worries if you occasionally delete an important folder — all projects that you kept in it will remain in the workspace.

Changing a folder color: click on the colored square located next to the project's name. Choose the color you like. You can use brand colors if you want.

⚠️ You won’t be able to change the color of the private projects folder and the trash can.

Hiding folders: you can hide projects belonging to a certain folder to filter through dozens of your projects. Just hit the 👁 eye icon next to the folder name to hide or unhide its contents.

⚠️ Note: folders that you hide are hidden for your view only, other workspace members will see them unless they hid these folders themselves.

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