With the new big release, there will be major changes that will affect the way you share and collaborate. In this article, we want to answer some of the questions that you will definitely have when the update is out there. So please take a few moments to read this to avoid any confusion in the future.

Project ownership

With the update, projects will no longer belong to individual users. Instead, they will belong to a workspace where they were created.

Once a workspace member creates a new project, it will appear right on the project dashboard. The project will be accessible to all the contributors of that workspace by default, making it easier for you and your teammates to collaborate and share.

And, what's most important, if someone leaves the workspace, all the projects they'd created in that workspace will remain there so that other members can keep on using these projects.

Okay, but what happens to the projects I already have?

If you're the only contributor in your workspace, then not much will change for you. All of your projects will appear on the Dashboard.

⚠️ However, if you have a team of people sharing projects, please keep reading this article to avoid any confusion.

Depending on the way your projects are shared the team, there might be a few cases:

Case 1: Projects shared with all workspace users with edit access

After the release, every project shared with workspace users with edit access will appear on everyone's project dashboard. The dashboard will no longer be divided into two areas as it used to be (see the screenshot of the old version):

Instead, these projects will appear as a single list. And the coolest part is that every contributor of the workspace will have this exact view. No more "My projects" vs. "Shared with the workspace". One list for all the contributors just as you see on the screenshot:

⚠️ Every workspace contributor will have the same editing rights by default.

Case 2: Other projects without edit access for all workspace users

All the project that are NOT shared via workspace sharing with edit access, will appear in your Private projects folder on the left panel of the dashboard. These projects include the ones with the following types of sharing enabled:

  • Direct link sharing access;

  • Workspace sharing with view-only access;

  • Email shared access;

  • Projects that aren't shared with anyone in any way.

  • And any combination of the above.

Every workspace contributor will have that folder where they can keep projects that are not meant for everybody's eyes:

Private projects will still be visible on the list of projects indicated by a lock icon, but other members won't see them unless you shared the projects explicitly.

Will project sharing rules change?

With this new logic,  sharing rules will apply as follows:

  1. Project is not shared with anyone - nobody except for you will see it.

  2. Project is shared via email only - it will remain shared via email. 

  3. Project is shared via direct link - it will remain shared via direct link.

  4. The most challenging, privacy-related case: if the project is shared with all the workspace users with view-only access, this project will appear in your private folder and will be shared with each workspace contributor via email with view-only access. This will make it impossible for workspace users to edit or share the project with others without your permission.

And if you have workspace users who don't need edit access to your projects, consider making them Viewers to prevent accidental edits from them.

Viewers are the new user role we are introducing. These are workspace members who have view-only access to all dashboard projects and cannot edit any documents.

Wrapping up

If you are still confused about the upcoming changes, here’s a summary of where shared projects will get after the release: 

There's a lot more that is about to change, so feel free to watch this 3-minute video we made for you:

And be sure to let us know if you have any questions or feedback regarding this update!

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