UXPressia dashboard displays two categories of projects available to you — your own ones and the projects shared by your workspace members. Since you are not allowed to rearrange artifacts in other people’s projects, you cannot simply move journey maps and personas from one category to the other. However, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible :)

While the native functionality for this type of action is still in development, please use the following workarounds for moving your artifacts from your own project to the shared ones and vice versa in UXPressia.

1. Moving maps and personas from your own projects to projects shared with workspace

You can only move stuff between the projects you own. To move maps and personas from owned projects to one of the shared projects, you first need to transfer ownership to whoever owns the shared project. Once your workspace members get the ownership of your project, they can move or copy the necessary artifacts into the projects shared with your workspace. Once they are done, they can transfer project ownership back to you. 

2. Moving maps and personas from shared projects to your own project

Grabbing other people’s maps an putting them among your own would be a little unfair, wouldn’t it? However, you can copy the entire project and have a copy under your owned projects. To do that, just select the necessary project and hit the “Copy” button in the toolbar. You will then see a copy of the project among your own projects.

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