You can add imagery to your journey maps, but so far the image section can only contain one picture (but we are working on that :)

Meanwhile, you can use this workaround when you need to add multiple images to your journey map.

1) Create a new text section and place the cursor in a particular box. Click on “+” and select your first image. You can also do it by pressing Ctrl + P in the selected section. After that, click on the star icon in the text editor below the image and select “Inline”.

2) Unselect the image by clicking somewhere outside of it.
3) Press the Ctrl + P key combination once again to add the 2nd image.

4) Inline the second image just like you did with the first one. Note: you will have to repeat this procedure for every image you add to the section.

5) Make sure the section is wide enough for the two images to fit in. Otherwise, they will be displayed vertically.

Done! Now you have two images arranged horizontally one after the other.

Note: we recommend using Google Chrome browser.

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