If you're trying to decide which journey mapping/persona instrument to add to your tool set, here's a brief comparison of what you can expect from UXPressia and Touchpoint Dashboard. We really hope it helps you make the right choice for you.

Now, despite both platforms have very rich functionality and are built for customer journey mapping and customer personas, they seems very different when it comes to a direct shootout. Let's go over the main points.

Design and User Experience

This is probably where the most striking difference pops out. When we were building UXPressia, we tried to make our design look as modern and as sleek as possible. Of course, you should never judge the book by its color... but sometimes you should. 😉

Here are a couple direct screenshot comparisons between the two platforms.

UXPressia project page

Touchpoint Dashboard project page

It's worth saying that Touchpoint Dashboard allows for having folders within folders and it's certainly a plus. At UXPressia we tried to make things as simple as possible to allow for a sleek drag and drop experience.

UXPressia profile & settings page

Touchpoint Dashboard profile & settings page

Ease of use

While design is a matter of taste and is certainly debatable, user experience is a thing most people find critical. After all, if you design amazing experiences for your customers, why should you suffer having bad experience yourself?

To stay as impartial as possible, we will say that despite all rich functionality of Touchpoint Dashboard, it is a little tough to figure out on your own. You will most certainly need to get someone to walk you though everything as there's quite a lot going on. Even for experienced mappers like ourselves it wasn't that easy to understand how to use the tool. Which brings us to...


As said before, when designing UXPressia we wanted it to be a frictionless experience for both beginners and experience mappers. That's why we tried our best to eliminate the need for learning the ins and outs of the tool allowing you to dive into mapping the next minute you sign up.

Honestly, it's a little different with the other platform as you will definitely need someone to dive you both an overview and then a few training sessions to help you learn everything. This will most likely take you some time which is a very expensive
currency in today's world.

Customer Journey maps

Finally, we made it to the juicy part! When it comes to journey mapping tools, there are some very striking differences between UXPressia and Touchpoint Dashboard. First, the look. Here is what UXPressia's customer journey mapping editor looks like:

And journey mapping editor from Touchpoint Dashboard:

It seems like our visual possibilities are richer although Touchpoint Dashboard offers more metadata about each interaction which might be gold for some. Although it might also make things a lot more complicated than they should be.

And a few words on the exported maps. Here's what export you get with UXPressia:

And a Touchpoint Dashboard exported map:

Both tools offer vector-based and highly scalable PDF exports although the look and feel are very different. To be fair, Touchpoint Dashboard gives a little more details about the maps legend on the left panel. So decide for yourself which one you'll include in your next pitch. 🤔

Customer Personas

Another instrument both tools offer is Customer Personas (though TD call it Customer Types). Let's take a quick look. UXPressia's Customer Personas tool:

Touchpoint Dashboard Customer Types:

The tool Touchpoint dashboard offers seems a little rigid in structure and we couldn't quite customize the feel and look. With UXPressia you get a drag and drop interface that is extremely intuitive and customizable. Literally everything can be renamed, colored or just deleted if you don't need something. Not to mention that we also have fun photo and name generators that are huge time savers.

Also we couldn't notice a multiple personas view in TD so it's hard to get an overview of all your personas.

Other tools

At UXPressia, we also offer Impact Maps in addition to journey maps and personas. This tool might be a little out of customer scope of customer experience and fall under the business project planning umbrella, but we find that a lot of our users find it very useful in their work.

Real-time Online Collaboration

Now, this is a tricky part as Touchpoint Dashboard promises to have the feature allowing multiple collaborators to work alongside one another and see all changes showing on the fly. But we couldn't really test it although we tried. So you will have to see for yourself.

Meanwhile, you can test real-time collaboration with any of your teammates even without paying for our service. Just share your project with anyone via email, open the same map and try it. It's fun! 😃


Analytics seems to be a huge part of Touchpoint Dashboard's offering. After all, it's not a coincidence it's called Dashboard! 😉 Here's what the chart page looks like in one of the sample journeys that Touchpoint Dashboard has on the demo account:

And also a report of touchpoints:

At UXPressia we don't have fancy reports on journey maps YET, but we do offer integrations with web analytics tools such as Mixpanel. And there's a lot coming down the road!

Help Center

We offer over 100 articles in our help center where you will find answer to virtually ANY question you might have. And if you don't find it, then you can always use our live chat support. 😉

Update frequency

At UXPressia, we release updates with new features every 2 weeks and you can easily track what we bring on this page. As for Touchpoint Dashboard, you can find their last release notes on the dashboard once you log in.

Plus we are very open with our roadmap. Click the button bellow and see what our product team is cooking as you're reading this article:


Pricing plans are tricky to compare as currently Touchpoint Dashboard does not have a public pricing page. Although we could find TD current pricing here, the PRO plan starts at $180/month for 2 users and 5 maps.

At UXPressia you can have unlimited maps and personas for only $24/month per person with editor access. Plus you will have an unlimited access to all the features we offer.


It was a little difficult for us to find any reviews on Touchpoint Dashboard online. There is one on G2Crowd. And you can read what people say about UXPressia here:

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